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About ChrisPPC

    ChrisPPC is built around a free distribution of products. I do not intend on making any money from these programs and don't expect any donations. These programs are simply to make your palm computing world a more pleasurable one, as well as expand my knowledge in the programming industry. As time moves on, i hope to expand my website and bring new applications. Right now I am working in gaming and the manipulation of images, and hope to expand into peripheral and network design. Feel free to download my programs and send back ideas or complaints. All are welcomed. Thank you.

Program Short Description
Tempting Death This is my first and extremely basic game. It was designed to test the manipulation of an image on the screen of the PPC using the stylus. The idea is to literally tempt death with the image of the boy on the screen. Tapping the screen will bring the image of the boy to that place. A small portion of the screen has been called "death". If the character enters this region of death, then he will die. Estimated replay value is 0%. I am hoping to expand this into a role-playing style game.